25 Perfectly-Hilarious Excuses for WHY You Got Divorced

Whether it's a nosy neighbor or your delightful Ex-mother-in-law, people are gonna ask...
And now YOU will have the perfect answer!

In Today's Episode:

In Today’s Episode of Divorce Like a Boss, divorce coach Jennifer Connor discusses and really dives deep into how our thoughts create our emotions, and in that process shape the life we live on a daily basis.

Jennifer talks about how our thoughts good, bad, or ugly turn into our emotions. Our emotions are not created by saying or doing anything, but our created by that one simple thought that in turn can really make or break a moment in your life. She also puts into perspective that the outside world plays no factor in the way you think to create your emotion. Tune in now, to hear more!

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Episode Quotes:

Today we're going to talk about our thoughts and basically how our thoughts create our emotions and our thoughts essentially shape our entire life. They're pretty important, so I'm really excited we're going to talk about that today.

This is a perfect example actually let's go with this being without water for a couple of hours is a circumstance. I just said that I felt frustrated. What I'm going to teach you today is that that circumstance cannot make me feel any kind of way.

We can't create emotion by saying or doing anything. The only thing that can create emotion is a thought. I know that that can be a little bit trippy and kind of hard to grasp.

He's just reiterating that nothing in the outside world can actually cause you to feel any way. That feeling is totally and completely created in the inner world of your mind. He used the word assumptions. Same thing. It's your thoughts, your judgments, and your interpretations are creating every feeling every emotion that you have in your life.

So your feelings your emotions are all created by your thoughts and thoughts are just sentences in your mind. It's literally that simple. If you have any form of language you are putting that language together in your mind into sentences and that's a thought a thought that you've continued to think over and over becomes a belief.

I'm Jennifer Connor, and I'm on a mission to help divorced women stop looking back and start living their own damn lives!

When I went through my own divorce, I discovered that the "help" that was out there was either very heavily based on dragging up the past OR slapping a positive affirmation on top of every shitty thought.

Uh, no thank you. Hard pass.

I knew there had to be a better way:

A way for people like me - driven, high-achieving women who were ready to conquer this "divorce thing" once and for all - to stop focusing on the past and start building a genuinely fun, incredible life NOW. A way for us to heal and move on without freaking CRYING every single day.

Heck, throw in some laughs, and you've got me totally sold!

That's when I discovered a method that did ALL of that.

And the rest was magic. (like, Hermione magic, not crappy Ron magic)

Today, everything I do is with the sole purpose of helping other women use my coaching method and tools to create a life and future they LOVE.

If you're ready to capture some of this magic for yourself, hit me up!

Women are moving on and upgrading their lives every day. It's YOUR turn now.


Episode Homework:

This week’s homework, what I want to do is I want you to try to catch yourself when you're in a negative emotion. I want you to catch the negative emotion. Notice it and observe it. I'm not asking you to resist it or try to change it or anything like that. So for now all we're doing is we're noticing it.

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25 Perfectly-Hilarious Excuses for WHY You Got Divorced

Whether it's a nosy neighbor or your delightful Ex-mother-in-law, people are gonna ask...
And now YOU will have the perfect answer!