25 Perfectly-Hilarious Excuses for WHY You Got Divorced

Whether it's a nosy neighbor or your delightful Ex-mother-in-law, people are gonna ask...
And now YOU will have the perfect answer!

In Today's Episode:

This week on Divorced Like a Boss, we are going to be dealing with a subject that is near and dear to my heart and comes up regularly with fellow moms and clients alike -- mom guilt. 

While the struggle with those feelings can really affect the way we show up and act towards our kids and other people around us, there is definitely something that we can do about it. We are going to talk about that and about making the most out of the time you spend with your children. 

At the end of the day, I want you to notice that it wasn't about the kids and it wasn't about the other parents or even the social media or anything outside, no outside circumstances caused any of that gut punch feeling of being an undesirable parent. It was literally just the thought that you had about them.  And you can choose to think whatever you want.

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Episode Quotes:

“I have found a way to almost completely eliminate my mom guilt and I want to share that with you guys and I want other moms to experience this too, because it is like a mutant breed of guilt, a mom guilt can eat you alive and rob you of any joy in parenting if you let it.”

“I really felt a little bit of a sense of freedom because I was like, who says that there's only one way to be a good mom? And what if taking care of yourself and giving yourself grace is how you can be the best mom for your kids?”

“Being a good parent doesn't necessarily mean that your kids are never disappointed or that your kids are never going to cry.”

“Your thoughts create your feelings. So, that includes for your children. Their thoughts create their feelings. Maybe some days your best shot is five hours of screen time because you need to get something done.”

“For those of you that are divorced, what if the divorce and the struggles and all the adjustments and the lessons learned are exactly right? What if, that's what was supposed to happen to your children, particularly in their life, to teach them things that they needed to learn and teach you things you needed to learn. Who's to say that that won't end up being a positive thing?”

“If you're continually feeling guilty or anxious or whatever, when you're around your kids, you are going to show up and act in a different way. If you can drop some of that and give yourself that grace, how could you show up differently?”

I'm Jennifer Connor, and I'm on a mission to help divorced women stop looking back and start living their own damn lives!

When I went through my own divorce, I discovered that the "help" that was out there was either very heavily based on dragging up the past OR slapping a positive affirmation on top of every shitty thought.

Uh, no thank you. Hard pass.

I knew there had to be a better way:

A way for people like me - driven, high-achieving women who were ready to conquer this "divorce thing" once and for all - to stop focusing on the past and start building a genuinely fun, incredible life NOW. A way for us to heal and move on without freaking CRYING every single day.

Heck, throw in some laughs, and you've got me totally sold!

That's when I discovered a method that did ALL of that.

And the rest was magic. (like, Hermione magic, not crappy Ron magic)

Today, everything I do is with the sole purpose of helping other women use my coaching method and tools to create a life and future they LOVE.

If you're ready to capture some of this magic for yourself, hit me up!

Women are moving on and upgrading their lives every day. It's YOUR turn now.


Episode Homework:

Do activities with your kids this week while being mindful of not feeling any guilt regardless of the time spent with them.

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25 Perfectly-Hilarious Excuses for WHY You Got Divorced

Whether it's a nosy neighbor or your delightful Ex-mother-in-law, people are gonna ask...
And now YOU will have the perfect answer!