In Today's Episode:

In this first-ever bonus episode, I talk about why your next diet (and all the diets before that one) won't work. 

Whatever your reasons for wanting to diet, your success is solely dependent on your ability to uncover - and heal - the issues that are driving you to want to over-eat in the first place.

Using a diet to "fix" your over-eating issue is like using ibuprofen to "fix" a broken arm. It might ease some of the pain and discomfort in the short term, but it won't last in the long term.

So what do you do about over-eating, then? You dig in and uncover the emotion you are trying to avoid! That's where the work begins and ends.

You clear out the emotional clutter, and the rest falls into place.

In my new six-week 1:1 coaching program, I use a four-phase O.V.E.R. Method to help you do just that! And if you sign up between now and Friday, December 13th, you can get this new one-on-one program for 40% off!

For more info and to see if it's a good fit, reach out to me ASAP through Facebook ( OR email at [email protected].

Happy Holidays!

Episode Homework:

Ask yourself WHY am I deciding to eat right now? What could I be trying to avoid or escape from in my life? Does eating solve this issue, or does it just mask it?

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