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Big Goals Don't Deserve Sad Trombones

Oct 23, 2019
Ever reached a BIG goal, and then felt like you should hear the "wamp wamp" of a sad trombone?
::Wamp waaaaaamp::
All that time, energy, blood, sweat and tears... and YOU MADE IT! You reached the big goal!
And, while you're excited and happy on one level, on...
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Confusion Leads Into Clarity

Oct 01, 2019
I love thunder storms. LOVE them.
As long as I'm not holding a metal rod in the middle of a field somewhere, I'm like, "Bring it on!"
When a storm is coming and you're watching the sky, you will always see the lightning before you hear the thunder.
(Nerd fact: That is simply...
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How does 45,000 gallons of water disappear overnight?

Aug 29, 2019
When you look at your phone at 6:15am, and it's your BOSS... you should probably answer.
"Hey. I'm glad you answered. Ummmm, why is the therapy pool empty?"
::still rubbing my eyes and figuring out what the fuck is going on:: "I don't know. Why?"
It took me a couple beats, but...
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You're the Parent and You're In Charge of YOU

Jul 22, 2019
Have you ever felt like you were out of control? Acting against your own will?
You set goals for yourself and meticulously lay out the plans to accomplish them...
And then, without warning, the next day you are doing the exact OPPOSITE of what you planned!
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Struggle is Not a Contest... and No One "Wins"

Jun 30, 2019
"Is this really it? There's got to be more to life than this."
Have you ever looked at your life, glancing past your air-conditioned house and your paid bills and your healthy children, and thought this?
IMMEDIATELY followed by guilt for thinking such a thing, when you are such a...
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The Discomfort Zone

May 17, 2019
I recorded two podcast episodes today.
Physically, I was sitting at my desk.
Mentally and Emotionally, I was in the "Discomfort Zone."
Ever noticed how, when you do something new, your brain offers up all kinds of fearful, shitty thoughts?
{come on... I can't be alone here!}...
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Mom Guilt

Apr 25, 2019

Pack your bags, mamas! Cuz we're goin' on a guilt trip!
Let's think of all the ways you fall short as a mom. All the things you don't do for your kids. All the time you don't spend with the family. All the other things that get your attention, like your phone or TV or work.
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Was my marriage all one big April Fool's joke?

Apr 01, 2019
After divorce, looking back at your entire marriage can seem like it was one big April Fool's joke...
"How did I get here?"
"Was ANY of it real?"
"Are all the happy memories now 'sad memories'?"
"I feel like the biggest idiot."
I hear ya,...
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Shitty Dominoes

Mar 14, 2019


No, not the pizza. The little tiles that you place in a line and push over.

Extra cheese please.

The moments and experiences of Life are kind of like a line of dominoes.

Each experience has a hand in leading up to and creating the next set up experiences.

Without the dominoes before...

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Karen and Her Good Intentions

Mar 12, 2019

I named my inner voice Karen* after I saw this blog post several years ago.
#1: It cracked me up!
#2: I LOVE T-Rex dinosaurs!
#3: I feel like my inner voice is like that - even when her intentions are good, she's got a way of destroying things.
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