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Shitty Dominoes

Mar 14, 2019


No, not the pizza. The little tiles that you place in a line and push over.

Extra cheese please.

The moments and experiences of Life are kind of like a line of dominoes.

Each experience has a hand in leading up to and creating the next set up experiences.

Without the dominoes before it, all falling in a certain way, the next domino wouldn't fall.


Some dominoes are fun and pleasant and good.

Some dominoes are shitty. 

That's Life.


You can't escape the experiences of Life that are shitty.

BUT, maybe if you think about those "shitty dominoes" falling for the purpose of getting to the next set of "awesome dominoes," you can weather the storm a little better.


NO ONE'S line of dominoes is comprised only of shitty dominoes. It's a 50/50 mix-and-match. 

So let the shitty dominoes fall, knowing that the awesome dominoes are just around the bend.


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