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On This Day - The Facebook Memories Funk

Feb 28, 2019
Do your Facebook Memories ("On this Day") sometimes make you sad or put you in a funk?
Are they a painful reminder of the life you *used to* have? People you used to love... who used to love you?
A previous relationship, a certain body size/shape, an event that was a one-time-never-again thing?
I used to have a total love/hate relationship with my Memories on Facebook. Just when I'd feel like I was moving forward - WHAM! - I would see an "On this day X years ago..." and I'd be thrust right back into the hurt.
Even when I felt happy in my present life, those Memories would pop up on my Newsfeed and send me into an emotional tailspin.
It drove me crazy that something that *was* a happy memory now made me sad/angry/resentful/hopeless.
Did this mean I hadn't actually moved on at all? Would it ALWAYS be this way? Was a whole segment of my life now "tainted?"
So. Freaking. Frustrating.
But then I learned that my Facebook Memories were totally neutral. That *I* was the one causing those awful feelings.
Um, whaaaat?!
And since I created those feelings, I could create new ones (or at least neutralize the present crappy ones!).
Yep. Seriously. :-D
Now no matter what happened "On This Day" in years past, I can greet it with whatever emotion I want! It's kind of my super power (except that anyone who knows how could do it, too).
So don't let your Facebook Memories put you in a funk! If they are, let's talk!

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