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Mom Guilt

Apr 25, 2019

Pack your bags, mamas! Cuz we're goin' on a guilt trip!
Let's think of all the ways you fall short as a mom. All the things you don't do for your kids. All the time you don't spend with the family. All the other things that get your attention, like your phone or TV or work.
Let's get a gooooood list going. There's PLENTY you can put on it! Don't hold back!
- - - - - -
But wait. You don't need ME to help you with this. You already create this mental list in your head on the regular!
You have gotten REALLY good at being an asshole and piling guilt onto yourself.
Total. Asshole.
Does the guilt trip make you any better?
If you're like me, it only makes you worse.
So WHY do we do this to ourselves?
Did you know you don't have to keep the guilt? You can actually get rid of it *without* doing ALL thing things: going on all the field trips, baking all the cupcakes, playing all the games.
You can start dropping all that mom guilt TODAY. All it takes is some shifts in your mindset.
This has been one of the BIGGEST changes for me. I used to have constant anxiety on weekends with my kids. Always that undercurrent of guilt. Always feeling like I wasn't good enough. I wasn't doing it right or well or as good as the other moms.
Now I am comfortable in my "mom-ing." I'm happier around my kids. And everyone is better for it!
If you want to hear more about getting to this place with your own parenting, shoot me a message and let's chat!

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