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Have you met my boyfriend?

Mar 08, 2019
Have you met my boyfriend?
No, not the baby.
The dog.
The wonderful, loving dog that sat by my side (or in my lap!) every day after my divorce was final.
When I cried to the point of sobbing, he pawed at me and licked me and snuggled me closer.
When my boys were on visitation with their dad for the weekend, and I was left in an unfamiliar, empty house - he was there.
This dog was in no way certified to do or be anything "officially," but he was most definitely *my* Emotional Support Animal.
He didn't talk bad about my Ex or let me stew in my negativity. He didn't tell me to cheer up or look on the bright side, either.
He just let me BE.
I floated in that river of misery, and this sweet pup doggy-paddled right next to me.
I'd like to think that I get to be that to my clients. Perhaps less licking-your-face, less sitting-in-your-lap, but just as supportive of a companion and confident.
Ok, maybe I just really, really love dogs and want to be one 'when I grow up.' Either way, pretty satisfying. :-P

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