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The Discomfort Zone

May 17, 2019
I recorded two podcast episodes today.
Physically, I was sitting at my desk.
Mentally and Emotionally, I was in the "Discomfort Zone."
Ever noticed how, when you do something new, your brain offers up all kinds of fearful, shitty thoughts?
{come on... I can't be alone here!}
I was "lucky" enough to have thoughts like:
"Who am I to start a podcast?"
"Will people actually listen?"
"What if some people disagree with me or think I'm wrong?"
"What if people in my personal life make assumptions and take things the wrong way?"
"What if this is a huge waste of time?"
"Do I really have anything valuable to say?"
The list (and the incessant chatter) goes on.
But I did it. I hit record. (twice, if you're counting)
Because if you want different Results in your life, you have to take different Actions.
And I'm making room in my life for ridiculously-cool Results. Like, blow-my-own-damn-mind Results!
What Results are you after in your life? What do you need to do - correction: what are you WILLING to do - to get there?

Are you ready to reach your business goals AND have a fulfilling personal life you love?

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