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Was my marriage all one big April Fool's joke?

Apr 01, 2019
After divorce, looking back at your entire marriage can seem like it was one big April Fool's joke...
"How did I get here?"
"Was ANY of it real?"
"Are all the happy memories now 'sad memories'?"
"I feel like the biggest idiot."
I hear ya, girlie. A divorce can bring up all kinds of mind-fuckery.
But just because it's over now, doesn't mean it was never true. Doesn't mean you are stupid for committing to it whole-heartedly for so long. Doesn't mean everything from now on will be sadness.
All your divorce means now is that you are divorced.
Everything else is an interpretation that YOU get to choose.
But man! It sure doesn't feel that way right now, does it?
That's totally OK and totally NORMAL. Sometimes it takes an outside view to help guide you to the New You.
If you're ready for that New You, I got you, boo. Set up a consult call and we'll go over where you are NOW to where you WANT to BE. And I'll tell you exactly how I can help you get there.
You can schedule your free call here: www.schedulewithjennifer.com
Sending you love this April Fool's. No joke. <3

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