About Me

"My name is Jennifer, and I'm a recovering perfectionist."

("Hi, Jennifer!")

I spent the first 30 years of my life:

  • People-pleasing,
  • Doing all the "right things,"
  • Setting the highest standards for myself,
  • Following all the rules,
  • Making straight A's,
  • Growing in my career,
  • Taking care of my family and personal relationships,
  • Practicing and studying...

All so I could be the "Best Me" possible.

And That Totally WORKED... Until It Didn't.

In 2011, my life hit a few pretty-major bumps in the road:

  • My twins were born two months premature.
  • I suffered from post-partum depression.
  • My marriage of 7 years ended in a blindsiding divorce.
  • My career felt unfulfilling, and my side-hustle wasn't taking off like I dreamed it would.

 I felt totally broken.

This is NOT how my life was supposed to be.

I did everything right! How did I get to this place?

Being a Perfectionist Had Always Served Me, But Now It Was Suffocating Me.

I finally realized that things HAD to change.

So I did what I have always done best: I went into "Gold-Star Student Mode.
I sought out teachers and mentors who could help me learn how to "do life" better. 

I learned how to cut myself some slack.

I learned how to HAVE FUN in my life again - even when things weren't "perfect."

I learned that I was in control of how I felt.



Now that I had this gift in my own life, I had to get certified to help other women who were suffering, too! 

(Come on! You know I'm still not going to do things half-assed!)

Today I help women just like YOU, who are tired of following all the rules, doing all the things, achieving all the goals... only to feel empty or disappointed because it's still "not enough."

There IS a way to keep your high standards and ALSO have fun and love your life!

Jennifer is a certified Life and Weight Coach through Brooke Castillo and The Life Coach School.

Fun facts about Jenn
- She currently lives in Greenville, South Carolina, but she has lived in NYC, Australia and France. 
- She is obsessed with pit bull rescues, especially her blue pit bull baby named JigglyPuff (Jiggs for short).
- She got (re)married in a Broadway theatre.
- She's been skydiving, bungee jumping, canyoning, white water rafting.. but she won't put a single toe in dark water at night.
- Her favorite way to pamper herself is with a massage or just chilling with some bubbly in front of Netflix.

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