In Today's Episode:

This week on Life Like a Boss, I will talk with you about spousal support. No, not the post-divorce support if that is what you think I am referring to, but the kind of support or lack thereof that you get from your spouse when it comes to your business and every other endeavor related to it. 

Think about it, does your significant other truly support you? If yes, how do you know and how do you receive and recognize the support that is being extended your way? 

We will talk about that and then delve deeper to include the different types and levels of support there is. 

If you’re feeling like you aren’t getting the support you need, try thinking about this … maybe you are getting support. Just maybe, you are not actively observing and acknowledging the support that you are already getting because you are not looking for it the way that it is being given to you.  Food for thought.

Episode Quotes:

"A lot of times we are with people that express love in a different way than we would like to receive it and vice versa. And so I feel like with this spouse support of your business, it's kind of like that's kind of like the five love languages. Maybe, he's just speaking a different language to you."

"You can always sit and speculate what somebody else is thinking or feeling. But if you have the opportunity and you have a good relationship with someone, it never hurts to just ask. Now, does it mean that you're always going to get the perfect 100 percent true answer? But for the most part, you know, it helps suggest if you're really curious, you can just ask your spouse."

"You get to choose how you want to feel. So if you want to feel crappy, you can choose to think crappy thoughts about it.If you want to choose an empowering thought or if you want to choose to feel discouraged, angry, sad, understanding, literally, you get to choose. So, you can find out that he is supporting yo, he's just showing his support in a random way that you just don't get.”

"So ask yourself, "why do I feel that I need for my husband to want to talk about my business this way?" Once you ask yourself that, you can find out. You know, it is it. You will know that you want a tighter bond with him or you want validation and reassurance or you want him to see the vision that you have and you want him to want this as much as you do."

"If your answer to the question is that you really needed more validation or reassurance, that's a great place to start because you're like,"wait a minute, I'm looking to someone else to give me validation and reassurance. Like, what could I work on?" For me personally and my personal thoughts that I'm in control of that could create some of that validation and reassurance. So make sure that you're not depending on somebody else's support to hold you up."

Episode Homework:

I want you to ask yourself why you want support. What that means to you. What is support? And be sure that you like those reasons and reach out to me if you don't.

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