In Today's Episode:

"I am going to talk to you guys today about authenticity and about how we've kind of learned in our lives to adapt who we are and what we say and how we behave so that we can fit in in a certain way or how we've learned that certain ways are, quote unquote, better to be than others, especially when it comes to our business."

In this week's episode of Life Like a Boss, we are joined by one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, Brittany Ritter. She will break down for us the nitty-gritty of Human Design and how knowing more about it can affect the way you design your life. 

Ultimately, this will lead in to discover how to improve the quality of our life in a simple yet effective way, as well as making the right decisions at the precise moment that you need to make one. 

Like what I have been saying, your life and your business are one and the same. If you can learn more about you and how you are designed, then you can apply that in your business.

Episode Quotes:

"Human design is another one of those personality tests. You have the Enneagram, you have the Myers-Briggs, you have all that stuff. Human design is same. It's a tool. So it's not like the NLB all, but it is a tool that combines ancient sciences and modern sciences. it  gives you an overview of your biological makeup, how you harmonize with the world, with it based on physics and based on like the shocker system, the Kabbalah, astrology, all that stuff. It's all combined into one cohesive thing."

"There are four main aura types. So you have your reflectors, your projectors, your generators and your manifestors. Then, they break the generators into pure generators and then manifesting generators."

"I wanted to bring this on today because I really feel that the more you can figure  out about yourself, the more you can actually use that knowledge to work smarter. That's why I'm always saying that your life and your business are one and the same, that there's no two versions of you. You're all one. And if you can learn more about you and who you are truly in your actual design in this world, then you can apply that into your business."

"So one of the reasons that I wanted to have you on the show is (to know) whether people are into this stuff or not, like you said, it's kind of like taking a personality test. If you can view it that way and see what parts of it are like you and what parts of it maybe you're not honoring, if that's the right way to put it. To me, it offered a lot of hope. I feel like there's a reason I am the way that I am. Instead of looking at it like an excuse. I look at it as a strategy. Here's a tactic for not just your business, but your whole life."

"The beauty of human design is it's actually they call it the science of differentiation.  It is very big on your uniqueness. Yes, there are a bunch of other people who are manifesting generators, generators, reflectors, projectors. There may even be like a bunch with the same authority type. But as you drill down further and further into the system, there's literally a thousand eighty different ways."

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