In Today's Episode:

This week on Life Like a Boss, I want to talk to you about reaching your goals. I am currently working toward a few goals myself and would like to talk a little about the mindset that comes with setting and working toward goals. 

Usually, we set big goals for ourselves and the bigger and scarier they are, the better!  But we go through an entire process only to feel underwhelmed once the goal is realized. 

You can’t help but think, why is it that we can set these goals and be so focused on them and then feel unfulfilled or feel empty as if everything we did to get there is not worth it? 

The key here is learning how to celebrate, and it does not necessarily have to be when you have already achieved the entire thing.

Episode Quotes:

“I want to talk to you about reaching your goals. I want to ask you a few questions. And I want you to really think about this for yourself, OK? What happens when you reach a big goal? How do you celebrate? How long does the celebration last? How do you feel and do you set a new goal right away?”

“Why is it that we can set these goals and be so focused on them and make these big strides in these great achievements and then feel unfulfilled or feel empty or feel like it just wasn't worth it or just wasn't as exciting as you thought it was gonna be to get there?”

“The first reason is that we are often putting our hope and our future happiness on an external thing. You've heard me talk about circumstances and how circumstances are neutral and that our thoughts actually create all of our feelings. Achieving a goal is usually just a circumstance. It's something that happens. So, you know, you always hear how money doesn't buy happiness, in this case, it kind of is true.”

"Another reason that I feel like we are getting to our goals and not feeling as excited about them or fulfilled by them is that we aren't celebrating our victories along the way. So we're either not celebrating those little things along the way that are getting us to our goals. We're just kind of trudging our way through or we're never really pausing to truly celebrate the big victory when the goal is reached."

"The third and last reason that many of us feel empty and unfulfilled after reaching our goals is that we simply move the target. I realized that what most of us do in our lives is that we continuously move the target. Maybe we actually reach the original goal, but at that point, we've already moved the target farther away to some kind of bigger and better goal.”

Episode Homework:

For this week, I want you to write out five or ten of your big goals and I want you to decide how you're going to celebrate each one. That way, you kind of know in advance when you reach this particular target, you are going to celebrate in whatever way.

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