25 Perfectly-Hilarious Excuses for WHY You Got Divorced

Whether it's a nosy neighbor or your delightful Ex-mother-in-law, people are gonna ask...
And now YOU will have the perfect answer!

In Today's Episode:

In this week’s episode of Life Like a Boss, I want to talk to you about a really common trap that many businesswomen fall into. Everybody is all about goal-setting, strategizing, and making sure that all of these great big goals in our business is attained. It is not just sometimes or majority of the time but always. So much so that your personal lives start to take a hit. 

We always hear others talking about striking a healthy balance between business and personal pursuits. You need to realize that our personal lives and our business lives are not two separate lives. These two come together to create that total life experience for you.

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Episode Quotes:

"If we're female entrepreneurs, we're just like always about our business and making sure that we're setting these great big goals for our business. And then just kind of letting our personal life take care of itself. But you and I both know that your personal life never just takes care of itself."

“Whether you're in the corporate world or whether you're an entrepreneur and have your own thing, you've probably experienced this when it kind of becomes crunch time and you really get focused on reaching your business goals. But pretty soon, the very reason that you even set those business goals, the very reason that you even started your business or that you get up for work in the morning is totally neglected.”

“There's no such thing as a work you and a home you or a personal you in a business, you they are one and the same. They come together and they create that total life experience. So, there's really no balance that you need to reach.”

 "That's how it works with business and with your personal life. So if you're neglecting areas of your personal life or your personal growth, it will eventually affect your business. And I know sometimes people will try to bury themselves in their work when things aren't going well at home. But it will find a way. Feelings are like zombies. They will always find their way to the surface and they will not die."

"You need to figure out how you're going to take care of your spouse and your kids and all of their needs throughout the holiday without feeling like they're just an obstacle or a nuisance on your way to your big goal. You need to figure out and plan how you're going to think and feel and act in your personal life so that the positive effects of that can actually ripple into your bottom line."

I'm Jennifer Connor, and I'm on a mission to help divorced women stop looking back and start living their own damn lives!

When I went through my own divorce, I discovered that the "help" that was out there was either very heavily based on dragging up the past OR slapping a positive affirmation on top of every shitty thought.

Uh, no thank you. Hard pass.

I knew there had to be a better way:

A way for people like me - driven, high-achieving women who were ready to conquer this "divorce thing" once and for all - to stop focusing on the past and start building a genuinely fun, incredible life NOW. A way for us to heal and move on without freaking CRYING every single day.

Heck, throw in some laughs, and you've got me totally sold!

That's when I discovered a method that did ALL of that.

And the rest was magic. (like, Hermione magic, not crappy Ron magic)

Today, everything I do is with the sole purpose of helping other women use my coaching method and tools to create a life and future they LOVE.

If you're ready to capture some of this magic for yourself, hit me up!

Women are moving on and upgrading their lives every day. It's YOUR turn now.


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25 Perfectly-Hilarious Excuses for WHY You Got Divorced

Whether it's a nosy neighbor or your delightful Ex-mother-in-law, people are gonna ask...
And now YOU will have the perfect answer!