Episode 43 -

Your Brain on Weight Loss - An Interview with Alyssa Chang


In Today's Episode:

In this episode, I interview the incredible brain-based health and movement coach, Alyssa Chang. With the health industry currently saturating the market with “quick fix” and “cookie cutter” approaches, she aims to challenge these norms by working with clients on improving the connection between their brain and body, so they can heal their metabolism, rewire their mindset and move pain free.
Alyssa partners with her clients to develop programs that create subtle lifestyle shifts and interrupt seemingly never-ending searches for new solutions. Brain-based coaching is as much about movement, mobilizing joints, recovery (e.g. stress and sleep) as it is about our emotional relationships to our bodies, including potential barriers to self-acceptance.
Learn more about Coach Alyssa Chang at www.coachalyssachang.com and connect with her on social @coachalyssachang. 
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