Episode 40 -

Avoid Vacation Mentality (and Lose Weight Challenge Info)


In Today's Episode:

When you go on vacation, does your eating plan and exercise regime go right out the window? Are you eating in a way that you can't wait to get a break and go "off plan?" Are you following an exercise program that falls by the wayside at the first sign of schedule conflict? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are suffering from "vacation mentality."

Vacation mentality is when we use changes in our schedule or regular way of life as an excuse to eat and/or exercise differently (or, in the case of exercise, not at all!). 

To avoid vacation mentality, you need to pick a way of eating and daily movement that you ENJOY and that fits with YOUR life and patterns. This will help you stick with your healthy habits when your schedule is business-as-usual AND when you are on vacation!

At the end of this episode, I offer an intro and information to the July 6th Lose Weight Challenge, happening live in the "Lose Weight Like A Boss" Facebook group.

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Join the free Facebook Group (link above). Increase your daily water intake to 75-100 ounces. Increase your nightly sleep to 6-8 hours. Schedule time for your weight loss efforts. Choose a meal plan to follow for the Lose Weight Challenge, beginning Monday, July 6th.

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