Episode 39 -

Lose Weight By Healing Your Inner Child with Lily Nicole


In Today's Episode:

In this episode, I interview Master Life Coach, Lily Nicole, and we discuss the process of self-healing through body connection and  inner child and mirror work.

The 7-year-old version of you (your inner child) is like your Subconscious Mind, personified. Taking care of her and helping her can help you heal as an adult and release weight.

Can you love and accept yourself and ALSO want to lose weight? Lily gives us her thoughts on body positivity vs. weight loss.

Today's episode gives you the tools to reconnect with your body and heal your negative body image so you can be the happiest version of you - regardless of your weight!


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Begin to explore and get to know your body. Imagine your subconscious mind as the 7-year-old version of you, and give her love and grace. Look in the mirror and affirm yourself and the parts of you that you DO like. Journal on the thoughts that come up.

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