Episode 37 -

Manifesting Weight Loss with Aimee Jensen


In Today's Episode:

Join me as I interview the incredible Aimee Jensen and we discuss how she lost 100 pounds in 13 months, without dieting OR exercise!

Aimee is a wife, Mother of five, and Radical Transformational Expert. Specializing in Body Love & Confidence, Natural Weight Release, Food Freedom and Abundance Breakthrough.

She guides you through healing your relationship with yourself in order to become your own best friend and live your ideal life.  
In this episode, I ask Aimee about how we can use manifestation, gratitude and journaling to help our bodies release weight. Aimee also gives us some tips on attracting money and helping women to open up to "having it all."

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Journal and ask your body what your weight is doing to protect you. Ask your body what she needs you to do in order to feel safe to release the weight.

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