Episode 36 -

Your Relationship with the Scale


In Today's Episode:

What is your relationship with the scale? Love it or hate it? How often do you weigh, and what do you make that number mean?

On today's episode, I give you a new perspective on how often you should weigh yourself and what data you should collect.

And it might not be what you think...

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Decide how often you want to weigh yourself and why. 

When you weigh yourself, ask yourself three questions:

  1. BEFORE weighing: How do I feel about myself and my body right now?
  2. BEFORE weighing: How do I feel about how I showed up, the actions I took, etc. over the last day/week/month (however long since you last weighed)?
  3. AFTER weighing: How do I feel NOW about myself, my body, the way I showed up, etc?

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