Episode 27 -

The EASIEST Way to Lose Weight (and my BIG announcement!)


In Today's Episode:

Introducing the EASIEST way to lose weight - the 15*30*45 Method. I developed this method to simplify the daily processes and habits that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.
The 15*30*45 Method works by breaking each day into doable, bite-sized tasks centered around your three pillars of health: Meals, Movement and Mindset.
Each day, you choose which amount of time goes towards each pillar of health. Fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, and forty-five minutes.  
Meal planning and prepping; movement like walking, an exercise video, or dancing around your living room with your kids; mindset work like journaling, meditating, reading, and/or taking a course.
I also use this episode to announce my BIG news. The Lose Weight LAB - Ultimate Membership Experience is launching THIS MONTH. In fact, it's open for enrollment to founding members RIGHT NOW.
Click Here to check out the membership and become a founding member



After listening, start to incorporate the 15*30*45 Method into YOUR daily life! Every day, designate a block of time to your meals, your movement and your mindset. Keep track of it this week and see how you feel!

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