Episode 21 -

NLP, EFT & T.I.M.E. - Oh my!


In Today's Episode:

I'm back from an incredible certification program and ready to share my new tools with all of you!

Our subconscious is the MAIN factor in our weight loss, yet most of us never address it at all. We spend our time working on the conscious beliefs and our conscious actions, all the while ignoring everything going on "below the surface." 

With tools like NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E. techniques and hypnosis, I can work with my clients to release trapped negative emotions and limiting beliefs on the subconscious level. And THAT means less resistance to weight loss!

I also spend a moment warning you of the dangers of using your past successes against you.



When you speak of a previous successful weight loss effort, pay attention to any emotions that come up for you. If they are negative, ask yourself why. Try to sort through how you can make your success a positive and uplifting memory. Don't allow your brain to use your previous success against you.

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