In Today's Episode:

This week on Life Like A Boss, I want to talk to you all about the bullshit concept of how you should be happy and grateful with what you have.  And how this concept causes people so much guilt and shame, because they should just be grateful for what they have.


The truth is .. who cares what anyone else thinks.  No one else is living your life, they have an outside perspective.  You’re allowed to want what you want, and you don’t need to explain it.

Episode Quotes:

"Like you have so much, can't you just be happy with what you have? Or are you kind of hear people either outright or or suddenly make you feel or seem to feel ungrateful or selfish. Like wanting more means you're ungrateful for what you have. Has this ever happened to you?"

"And whether you're complaining about it or tugging on it or whatever, nobody else has to even know it's uncomfortable.

So you can settle for that ill fitting booby trap. But who wins here? Like, what is the point? Now you're stuck. Nobody else is the wiser. You're just left feeling uncomfortable because you feel like you should be happy with it.."

 "If it's something in your life that you want to change or that you're that you're just like wanting more out of than let's do it. And I think there are actually a decent number of people out there that would feel the same way. But maybe you're just not really surrounding yourselves with those people."

"It's not that bad. I can live with it. But I really would like life better if maybe this cramp wasn't there. And then I was like, yeah, well, some people have broken legs or no legs. That's just ridiculous. Your problem is your problem."

"And create a life that you don't need a vacation from. Not one that you can't wait to tear off and throw across the room the second you walk in the door.."

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