Episode 17 -

What If It Isn't Working?


In Today's Episode:

There's nothing quite so discouraging as following all the rules, dieting, working out - doing ALL THE THINGS - only to step on the scale and see the same ole numbers.

In the beginning of the weight loss journey, I encourage you to cut yourself some slack, and start looking for non-scale victories. Keeping your thoughts high-vibe will help you to stay on track to reaching your goals.

Avoid comparing yourself to other people and how quickly they are losing weight. It's a guessing game that ends in disappointment.

Your brain constantly wants to prove itself right... So send your brain on a quest to find the best, results-producing thoughts!


Look for non-scale victories along your journey. Are you feeling more energized? Sleeping better? How does your skin look? How's your mood? Focus on these victories and keep on keepin' on!

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